Rural Alternative Education Network

Rural Alternative Education (ERA) is a program initiated by professional rural parents interested in improving the quality of education in rural areas. These educational centers provide an alternative learning system of combining Montessori philosophy with themes of conservation, agriculture, sustainable development and cultural management. In addition, these schools focus to emphasize respect, autonomy, creativity, liberty and children?s innate desire to learn.

The network consist of four schools:

1. La Hesperia
Is a biological reserve station located in the western range of the Andes at an altitude of 1100?2040 meters above sea level. In 2010, La Hesperia opened a school to focus on providing a better quality of education to the local children. An important aim of the school will be to encourage an environmental conscience amongst the students, so that they become future leaders in forest conservation and natural resources in Ecuador.

2. Quisato
Located right on the equatorial line near the Hacienda Guachala country inn. Hacienda Guachala is on of the oldest inn in the area with a great deal of history attached to it. (In Progress)

3. El Cucuyo
Is currently looking for a long term replace Spanish teacher to start in 2011 school year. This is a paid position and would require applicants to stay for at least a year and be fluent in Spanish. A knowledge of Montessori teaching methods would be beneficial.

4. El Despertar (In Progress)


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