Babies in el Rancho Mancho

It’s been busy lately in the rancho mancho! Last week Jolie, one of our goats, became a proud mama to Frani. Frani is a healthy little goat who’s growing very quickly! She loves to jump around, snuggle her mom, and explore the rancho. She has happily started nibbling on moss and grass around the field. She won’t be fully weaned off her mother’s milk for several more weeks but it’s good to see her taking in interest in solid foods. Yesterday morning our sheep, Blancita, gave birth to her first lamb! We have yet to name him, but he is a happy, healthy baby. Hopefully he and Frani will make great friends! We may work on building a fun little obstacle course for them to play on. Also this week, the volunteers have been working on constructing a fence for our pregnant pig! This will give her more grass to eat and more space to explore. It will also be a great area for the piglets to run around in once she gives birth. We’re very excited with all the babies being born in the rancho mancho these days, and we can’t wait for the other goat and sheep to give birth as well!

image image image

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