Humitas and Baby Cow

Last Tuesday was an eventful time at La Hesperia. Corn was harvested on Monday to prevent some visiting parrots from eating it all. Everyone worked together to peel the corn and separate it between food for chickens food for humans. We reserved the very best corn and husks for making humitas, a traditional food of Ecuador. The husks were left out for the rest of the day to dry, and Elsa worked in the kitchen to cut the corn off the cob. After she had finished with that, we worked to grind the corn into a paste. Once this step was completed, we took the paste into the kitchen where Elsa helped us turn the corn goo into a delicious mixture ready to be cooked. Half the corn paste was mixed with cheese and salt for savory humitas and the other half with cheese, milk, and sugar for the sweet humitas. Then the mixtures were ready to cook, so we spooned them into the corn husks we had saved from the previous day and wrapped them up like a present. First we cooked the savory humitas, and then the sweet ones, by stacking them in a pot with water at the bottom to let them steam. When they were ready, Elsa let us sample them. Yum! Humitas are easy to make and very delicious, so I think many of us will be taking this recipe back to our home countries. A bit later in the morning, one of the cows gave birth to a calf. He is adorable and seems to he doing very well! We watched as he learned to take his first steps. He would get just barely off his feet and then fall to the ground, over and over again, but he finally managed to find his grounding and take a few steps. The mama cow was very aware of the humans (and dog) near her and her baby, but she remained calm and let us watch the whole thing. What an awesome day!

imageimage image image image image image image

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