Hiking up the Rio Tupi

IMG_20140816_093227367Rio Tupi is one of two small rivers on the La Hesperia property and is far more accessible. Whether your hiking up from the town of La Esperie or taking one of the two trails in from the farm area, Rio Tupi always makes for an exciting and enjoyable hike.

Although no wider than a driveway, this tiny river offers a pristine ecosystem, more waterfalls than you can count, a natural water-slide, and breathtaking photography options. A few days ago, I hiked up the river from the town all the way to the big waterfall; taking pictures all the way.

2014-06-13 005The first jaw-dropping sight: when you turn the corner and the valley opens up revealing the shear cliff shooting hundreds of feet up and wrapping around like a giant theater, absolutely amazing!












The seeps around the base of the cliff deposit a very nice orange-brown paint pigment, we use it for painting the outdoor kitchen and other areas around the Reserve.IMG_20140816_093355909

One of the uncountable small waterfalls on the way up. these were a series of three, dropping into each other like a fountain.IMG_20140816_095705101_HDR


IMG_20140816_095905293The first big waterfall. This one is about 15 feet high and curls around a gorge, flushing everything out and smoothing the cliff walls to a gloss.













Further up, a bird-of-paradise flower growing up from a gravel bar in the middle of the river.IMG_20140816_103111567


At last, the big waterfall: dropping 20 feet onto a small intermediate shelf, than another 6 feet to its lower plunge pool. One of the most spectacular sights on La Hesperia!















I found this crab in the intermediate shelf, I thought it was an interesting find; sandwiched between two impassible waterfalls.IMG_20140816_105929859_HDR


The upper fall by itself.IMG_20140816_104538745



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