Expressing talents with the local communities

As many people already know, La Hesperia is a place where one can not only learn about other cultures, but where one can also come and express their talents and skills to the local communities which surround the reserve. 

One of our current volunteers has been able to do that a lot lately.  Since her arrival one month ago, she has been teaching dance and gymnastics to local children at our school twice a week.  Not only has she been dancing since her childhood, she has also been teaching dance to children in her hometown of Toronto for the past few years.

Image Image

Yesterday was another great day for Amy to share her talents with local community members.  During the celebration of sports teams at the nearby Toachi-Pilatón Hydroelectric Project, Amy demonstrated to over 300 staff members, comprised of locals from 7 neighboring communities, her years of hard work and natural born talents through an aerial dance routine on silks.  It was quite amazing, and the reactions of the crowd during her performance and afterwards showed her that she was truly able to give something valuable to the local community members around La Hesperia.  

Image Image

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We all have wonderful talents that many people around the world have never seen or experienced.  Volunteering with La Hesperia gives everyone the opportunity to participate in not only a cultural exchange, but an educational one too.  We encourage others to be part of our program and offer their gifts.  We promise that these gifts will be rewarded with a gift in return.

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