One day at La Hesperia…

Sometimes nature dictates the tasks of the day when you’re living in the forest. We had such a day last week here in our cloud forest. A heavy storm overnight knocked out both the electricity and the water, and worse knocked over a tree close to JP and Alexandra’s house. Luckily the tree only clipped the edge of the roof so major damage was avoided. However it did leave one large tree in the middle of the lawn that required clearing. This of course had to happen on a Friday night. With the arrival of Monday morning one team was dispatched to fix the water supply, engineers arrived to fix the electricity and the rest worked chopping and chainsawing the tree and fixing the roof. By the end of the workday the question that was being asked was… what tree?
In fact the tree is now providing new sides for the beds in the vegetable garden, the sawdust is in the hen houses making it a little cosier for them and one night soon a bonfire will be lit using lots of the small twigs. As they say, when life gives you lemon makes lemonade. Which by the way, we just did.


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