La Hesperia – great place for hanging out

Latest update from La Hesperia Reserva Natural.


Volunteers this week enjoyed a walk to the High Point, taking advantage of the man-made and natural swings along the way and tried out the medicinal properties of the Sangre de Drago sap.
There was a new visitor to the dining room who decided to (literally) hang out there for a few days.
Macro lenses have been out in force for some close up shots of some of the innumerable insect species that can be found in the reserve. Though some of them are rather large for insects…
Beetroot and radish are stable ingredients for lots of meals currently – and they taste seriously good…

The garden is looking particularly great this week – there are eight beds planted with various goodies and the never ending battle with the weeds was aided this week by the cutting down of lots of the old Agave plants – the leaves from these have provided complete coverage between those beds.

This week we also planted some soya and corn in the areas where the Pig (La Peggy as she is affectionately known) has helpfully provided nutritious and weed free earth. Gracias La Peggy.



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