Latest work at La Hesperia

Hi, Ceri here – new volunteer coordinator (along with Grace). I’ll be here at La Hesperia for the next four months, so will be updating on what’s happening here.

Its been a busy couple of weeks here – we’ve been high up in the reserve fixing the campsite, the garden is looking a lot tidier and with a better ratio of weeds to vegetables, trails are being cleared, our (tree) babies in the nursery are being cared for and some made it to new reforestation lines yesterday.

In new exciting news, we’ve had lots of other babies arriving this week – baby fish and baby chickens to be precise. Two small ponds have been dug in the vegetable garden and stocked with small Tilapia fish. The plan then is to transfer them in a few months to the newly cleaned and cleared pond to grow. Then it will be plentiful fish all around. Also a new hatchery for chicks is now housed by the milking shed, so more chickens and more eggs will no doubt follow soon.

There have also been several rare animal sightings recently – the Capuchin monkeys are still around, and there are always the amazing array of birds and butterflies, but also spotted this week were an anteater outside the volunteer house, a possum with babies, and a young armadillo.

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