Help La Hesperia School To Become Self-Sustaining!!

Please help La Hesperia School To Become Self-Sustaining!!

The aim of our project is to develop a Recycling Crafts Workshop to ensure the financial sustainability of La Hesperia Cloud Forest School, in order to be independent of donations. The project will involve parents, teachers and children, thereby creating a real educational community in a rural area, benefiting at least 40 children per year.

With this project we are competing in the Global Giving Winter Open Challenge. Which means that we need to raise $4,000 from at least 50 individual donors by December 31 to be invited to become long-term members of the Global Giving community and to take advantage of their fund-raising tools and services, which would help us in the future to raise money for other projects.

Our school really needs your support. Please make a little donation, every single dollar will help us. Please tell your friends and family about us because the number of donors matters as well as the total amount raised.

We are really proud to have so many wonderful friends. The parents, teachers and children will keep you updated on the progress we are making. Thank you so much for all the help you have given us.

Muchísimas gracias!!!

The Team of La Hesperia and Fundación Tangaré



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