new conservation project at the La Hesperia Reserve

La Hesperia’s newest conservation project is a Biodigestor. Volunteers, staff and local engineers started to work on this great project on October 10th 2011. We will continually work on the project and can hopefully use the biodigestor in a few weeks. Here you can see the first photos of work.

What’s a Biodigestor?

The ultimate in closed-cycle resource use: The Biodigestor. You put cow manure in one end and get out usable cooking gas and organic fertilizer. The odorless gas is piped into the kitchen where it can be burned for 4-5hrs a day, replacing the need to collect firewood. The liquid fertilizer is rich in nutrients to boost crop production. And, the patio is no longer littered with cow manure. Biodigestors are relatively simple to construct and made with cheap local materials.

Iniciamos la construcción de un biodigestor en el bosque nublado, este sistema procesa el estiercol del ganado y lo convierte en abono orgánico. Aprovechamos los desperdicios, evitamos la contaminación y abonamos nuestros cultivos!

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